Yellow watermelon is a lot like red watermelon—sweet, juicy and delicious! To some tasters, yellow watermelon is just a bit sweeter than red watermelon, with an almost honey-like taste. 

Jubilee watermelons are crisp and flavorful, and often require around 90 days to reach maturity. The melons are oblong, with alternating dark green and pale green stripes. Jubilees can often weigh roughly 40 lbs at the end of their growth cycle. 

87 days. One of the best All-American watermelons of all time! Super-sweet and full-flavored! This popular variety dates to 1954. The long gray-green fruit grows to 20-40 lbs; the red flesh is virtually fiber-free and very tasty. Yields are very good, and melons are excellent for home or market. 

This small, round melon is called an icebox type because it is petite enough to fit in the refrigerator. This widely adapted heirloom variety is solid, dark green on the outside with a bright red, firm and fine-grained flesh that is super sweet. Watermelon contains high levels of healthy antioxidants, making Sugar Baby a great sweet way to pack in good nutrition. Vines are compact. Plant about 4 feet apart.